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General Information

Someone will weigh your child on a regular basis. We like to know the boys are close in weight with partners in our wrestling room. We have committees to deal with these tasks. (After rolling out mats.)

Your child will typically wrestle another child that is within : 5- 10lbs. of him. If your child is novice (1st year) wrestler he will try to be matched against another novice or 2nd year wrestler.

It's a good idea to wear a knee pad on the knee your wrestler "shoots with," your coach can help with that. Remember there are different sizes. Too big and they constantly slip down on your child. Measure his knee around the knee cap with leg straight. Measurements are normally on package.

Keep a record of your child's win-loss record, it will be needed for tournament applications this year and next.

Cut your boy's fingernails regularly. They may harm another child in a match.

Before, during and after our home matches we need volunteers in the snack bar and rolling out the mats and putting them away. This usually moves quickly with more help.