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Tournament Tips

Arrive at least 30-45 minutes before the start of the tournament.

This allows for proper warm-up of your athlete.

Allows the coach time to speak with your child if necessary.

Allows for "getting lost time."

Sometime the parking lot is huge and the entrance lines may be long just before the tournament. It makes it well worth arriving early.

All tournaments charge for the guest to enter. Wrestlers are free. They normally are priced between $3-5 per adult and $1-3 dollars for children.

Count on being at a tournament for at least 2 hours. They are typically single elimination type (one and done). Some are double elimination, which means he may lose his first match but will be put into another bracket until he loses one more time.

You may want to stay and watch the other team members wrestle, the boys usually like to cheer on their teammates. The parents tend to encourage the other wrestlers.

Weigh-ins are mandatory prior to any tournament. This includes our own novice tournament. These are usually done the night before. Locations may vary from the site of the tournament (known as a satellite ). This info is on the form.

All locations will have a snack bar. This can get expensive, consider bringing your own drinks and snacks.

Bring something to do! Gameboy, newspaper, homework book, toys, etc.

Bring a camera, video is best.

Tournament details:

  • Tournament times are on the applications.
  • They should be sent in to the tournament host at least 3-6 days in advance of the tournament. This means they should be in the mailbox by at least Monday the week of the tournament.
  • Tournaments are usually priced between $15 and $20 dollars.
  • They do NOT make exceptions to most of the rules that are put on the forms.
  • When filling in weight, fill in a weight that you think your child will make (AND NOT GO OVER) on tournament day. It is easier to wrestle up a weight class then try to lose weight the day before.