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Attending a Meet

You do not have to weigh-in prior to a meet with another team.

Directions, arrival time and start times will be provided at the beginning of the week of each meet. We will let you know if a caravan is planned; we encourage carpooling.

Wrestlers must wear a Haverford singlet to all meets and tournaments. Your son should put on his singlet and a t-shirt at home as there are no locker rooms for our use. Wear sweatclothes over the signlet. Use a gym bag to hold wrestling shoes, sweatclothes, headgear, water bottles, stuff to keep him busy - books, cards, gameboy (at your own risk!!). Your son needs to wear a t-shirt, at least, between matches to stay warm.

Wrestlers must arrive 45 minutes before the meet begins to allow enough time for proper warm-up with the team.

Matches are (3) one-minute periods. A match will end when time runs out or a pin or a difference of 15 points (creating a technical win). Check your parent packet for scoring details.

Your wrestler may have one, two or three matches in one day.

The match ups of the kids will be posted somewhere in the gym area, sometimes in an adjacent hallway or lobby. Bring a pen and paper to record the match numbers. The numbering system consists of a three digit match number. The first indicates which mat, the next two indicate the match number. For example, match 321 will be the 21st match on mat 3. Experienced parents, please help the new ones!

The coaches will have the boys warm up before each match, get headgear on, take off sweatpants, tshirt. Please be sure to get your good luck hugs in before you turn him over to the coach. Feel free to be ring side but remember to remain supportive and to model good sportsmanship on behalf of your son and the club.

When the match is over, your son will shake hands with his opponent first then go to his coach. When they are done, then you get to hug him and tell him he was terrific - no matter how it turned out. The bravery to step out there alone deserves a hug!

Cheer on the other team members and encourage your sons to do so. The wrestlers learn a lot by watching and being next to the coaches during their team mates matches - it also keeps them focused and busy.

Most meets have a snack bar available. Please consider eating light and bringing healthy snacks like cheese, fruit, crackers, pretzels, water, sport drink. We advise that wrestlers should avoid the heavy sugars and salty foods - hotdogs, donuts, candy (short rush, but followed by a let down that comes on fast).

Consider a book, newspaper, etc. for yourself, or, getting to know the other parents and children.

Good Luck & Have Fun!